Happy Centennial Anniversary, North Etowah!

Happy Centennial Anniversary, North Etowah!

When Etowah became a town in the early 1900’s, the only Baptist Church was located in the southern part of town. The streets were not paved, only gravel on a few. They were muddy in the winter and dusty in the summer.

The people in the northern section of town decided that it was too far to walk to church in all kinds of weather and that they needed a church closer to their homes.

After a “brush arbor” meeting in 1915, the people began meeting in homes for prayer meetings and to talk about establishing a Baptist church.

A Presbytery was formed for the organization. The Rev. H. K. Watson was chosen as the Moderator. W. K. Watson and W. W. Bryan of the Goodsprings Baptist Church and H. D. Rule, a member of the First Baptist Church, Etowah, was the clerk.

The Church was organized December 17, 1916, with 28 members coming from the First Baptist Church and two coming from the Conasauga Baptist Church.

The charter members voted unanimously to name the church North Etowah Baptist Church. J. R. Kincaid was elected Moderator of the Church. Later, his title was changed to that of Pastor of the Church and Moderator of business meetings. R. M. Daugherty was elected Church Clerk. The treasurer was J. R. Milligan.

The first meeting of the newly-organized church was at the home of Brother John L. Fine on December 20, 1916. After a song and prayer, the body was called to order by the Moderator, the Reverend J. R. Kincaid. Motion was made to authorize the moderator to appoint trustees for the church. The treasurer was J. R. Milligan. The third Wednesday night in each month was chosen to be the business meeting time. Dr. G. L. Keith, a dentist, gave the church a Bible.

On December 30, 1916, the church elected trustees, D. R. Keith, J. R. Milligan, and J. L. Fine, and appointed them as a building committee to build a house of worship which was to be located on North Georgia Avenue. This building was finished on July 17, 1917. The land was purchased from R. B. Hampton and his wife, Mahala, for $150.00 cash. The deed was registered in October, 1918. It was on North Georgia Avenue, one block off Athens Pike.

The church met in the home of J. L. Fine until March 21, 1917, when it met in the home of R. B. Hampton. J. E. Waldrop offered his home as meeting place April 18, 1917.

Most of the early meetings consisted of Scripture reading, prayer, and opening the doors of the church to receive new members, reading of the minutes and dismissal.

May 16, 1917, Reverend J. R. Kincaid, who had been acting as Moderator, was elected Pastor for the remainder of the year. A motion was made that the clerk’s time expire at the same time as that of the Pastor. Regular preaching was to be the second and fourth Sundays.

June 10, 1917, R. B. Hampton was appointed to collect money to pay the Pastor’s salary and incidental expenses of the church. The Pastor’s salary was $10.00 per month. The janitor was to be paid $2.00 per month.

On July 17, 1917, a rectangular-shaped room, built on the site of the “brush arbor” meeting, was the place of worship for the church. This room had a raised platform across the back. The Pulpit was in the center of it. The church released the committee.

Eugene and Fannie Mayfield